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Senior Software Engineer at Crowdfire

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Hi, I am Som Prabh Sharma, a Full Stack Developer from Jaipur. Currently working as Senior Software Enginer at Crowdfire, Navi Mumbai. I passionately move pixels and lines of code to craft clean, responsive, and user-friendly websites and apps.Some people call what I do is Web Development, some call it Web Design, some think I am a Back-End Developer, others see me as a Programmer. I see what I do is a combination of all these things. and ultimately I don’t think it really matters which label you like to use. What does matter is the output of my work, which is always focused at the point where user, business and technical requirements meet and tends to become a perfect product.

I have a wide range of skills that include front-end development (Angular Js, Bootstrap, Materialize, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript,JQuery), back-end development using various technologies (Golang, Node Js, JAVA - J2EE, PHP) and database technologies(MongoDB, DynamoDB, Aerospike, Elastic Search, S3, PostgreSQL, MySQL).

My current weapons of choice are Golang, Node JS, Java, MySQL, Aerospike, PostgreSQL. Being both frontend and backedn developer, I help others and myself to bring their ideas into reality.

When I am not coding or pushing pixels, you'll find me watching movies, listening music or reading novels.

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    HTML5 / CSS3 / JS
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Feb 2017- Present



as Senior Software Engineer

Introduced 4 new micro-services to perform various tasks for 15 million users.
Authentication Engine: Allow Crowdfire users to add their facebook, pinterest, wordpress, shopify, etsy, youtube, google contacts, linkedin and any blog which has rss feed.
Proxybox: Single Point of Contact of all micro-services to fetch data(profile, properties, feeds, insights) from outside world (facebook, wordpress, shopify, twitter, instagram etc.) and send it for saving after normalization.
Trigger Engine: Implemented If This Than That(IFTTT) concept, which on trigger of an event usage a rule engine to take decision and performs various actions. Maintainable code helps adding new event and actions very easy.
Property Engine: A client facing micro-service to generate marketing recipes based on properties data.
Implemented Oauth2 i.e. Crowdfire now supports Login with Crowdfire and outside world to use its apis.
Added Crowdfire bot for messenger, slack, kik, skype, telegram using MBF, messenger’s bot framework.
Worked on various enhancement and bug fixes in various micro-services.

Oct 2015- May 2016


Tech Mahindra Limited

as Software Engineer

Involved in Enhancement of database calls in enterprise appplication (New WAO) by replacing Spring Hibernate and JDBC calls to Hibernate throughout the application.

Aug 2014 - Sep 2015


Tech Mahindra Limited

as Associate Software Engineer

Involved in development of enterprise application (New WAO) from scratch which removes the old screen scrapping concepts from mainframe system that was utilized in Old WAO.
Developed a Pipeline Utility – a data conversion process from mainframe system to oracle database, Automation of Pipeline Testing.
Successfully completed ELITE training conducted by Technical Learning Services, Tech Mahindra with highest marks in whole batch.




as Freelancer

Successfully completed quite a lot projects as freelancer including web designing, data entry, logo designing, typing and content writing.



B.Tech (ECE)

from Govt. Engineering College, Ajmer

with 68.96% aggregate



Senior Secondary

from Gyandeep Sr. Sec. School, GGC

with 79.38%

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  • Mahapura, Jaipur

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